Dr. Manikandan Elayaperumal

Executive member

Dr. E. Manikandan is a renowned professor in the Department of Physics, Thiruvalluvar University. He has his PhD degree from one of the premier national research center “Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research-Jointly with Annamalai University”

His interdisciplinary research has made him a distinguished scientist in the field of nano-sciences and nanotechnology. Dr. E. Manikandan has jointly worked with South African National Nanocentre-Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR-Pretoria) where he spent his postdoctoral period followed by a senior research scientist position. Further, he moved to European Union Funding Project, USA and Brazil. Recently Dr. E. Manikandan was honored by UNESCO- UNISA Africa, as a ‘Fellow of Chair in Nanosciences & Nanotechnology’ as well as the “NANO sciences African NETwork: NANOAFNET” both are UN recognized platforms with sustainable resources.

His publication includes internationally accredited Nature research highlights & Nature Scientific Reports for the singular nanostructured thin-films for solar energy harnessing & Bio-Medical applications

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