Farm income drops in 16 states and union territories

The income of a farmer in the period 2012-13 dropped by 12.6 percent to Rs.14079 compared to what he earned in 2002-2003 reports the Centre’s Doubling of Farmers Income Committee. 
The national average income from cultivation rose by just 3.8 percent between these periods and the overall farm sector increased by 3 percent annually.
West Bengal, Bihar, Uttrakhand, and 13 other states also witnessed a dip in farm income as it plummeted to 4.2 percent, 1.4 percent, and 3.4 percent respectively.
During this debacle, the country’s farmers reduced by 8.5 million while the farm labourers shot up by 37.5 million.
The report establishes that states which have lower farm income have a higher occurrence of rural poverty and proposes to augment farm income to reduce property